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Kanya - A play through the Ages

She was right there, But they never saw her. She was breathing, heart beating, Thoughts running, dreams flying, But no one cared. No one heard. And the rain kept falling. There was never a beginning. From the dawn of time, She was pushed when she stood, Silenced when she spoke. Someone, always a little bit more. She, always a little bit less. And the rain kept falling. But what they don’t see, Is that she is running, A little bit faster, And she is fighting, A little bit harder, And she will not break, And she will not stop. And then, one day, The phoenix will rise. And she will stand In the New World, Right next to everyone else, And then, that day, The rain stops falling, And the light breaks free, Because, that day... The dawn has come.


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On the Wings of Sport

Our endeavour in this year’s Annual Day Celebration is to lay the foundation on which, one day, we hope bridges of friendship will be built - bridges that will bring the world together through Sport.


Life is Magic

"Life is Magic", is about a voyage of discovery. A voyage that transcends the border between reality and fantasy, to know that fantasies are not wishful thoughts, but roads to realities.

It is a dream to make our children understand that the most alluring fragrances of compassion, valour, love, and happiness lie nestled within us and they need to be treasured and nurtured.


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Dare to Dream & Christmas Carol

“Dare to Dream” the annual school play is an inspirational tale, which begins in a remote Indian village Lalpahari, but travels across the world. A little girl Munia, who lives at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, meets Anna Larsen, a former gymnast and Olympic Games silver medalist from faraway Norway. The story builds over a period of eight years -- from 2012 to 2020, when Munia is ready to compete at the 2020 Olympics. Through the story of Munia, the audience is encouraged to follow their dreams………. and eventually realize them.

DAIS Annual Day Senior School Production “Christmas Carol” involving students from Classes 9, 10 and 11.


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