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‘Art of Happiness’ – a DAIS Art Event

“DAIS- A happy school, where teaching is a pleasure and learning a joy.” – Mrs. Nita Ambani


Based on this philosophy, on the occasion of Children’s Day, the Primary section organized a full scale art event themed ‘Art Of Happiness’.


On this day all classes simultaneously came together on the school grounds to create bright and colourful art and to celebrate art and creativity!


Each class was given a topic based on the theme ‘happiness’.


  • LKG - Happy Smiley Me!
  • UKG - I Am Happiest With...
  • STD1 - My Happy Colour Is....
  • STD2 - My Happy Memory is….
  • STD3 - Colour My World Happy...
  • STD4- Happiness Is...

The children were given the topic with instructions prior to the event. On the morning of November 14th, Children’s Day, the excited and charged children trooped down to start the art activity. They were seen all over the open areas of the school, engrossed in creating their works of art. Soft music played in the background, as the children created masterpieces.


As soon as they finished, their work was put up for display around the school premises for all to see and appreciate. The school grounds were splashed with colourful art work, which made the space look bright and vibrant.


It sure was a happy event and bought a smile on everyone’s face!!!


We had achieved what we set out to explore-THE ART OF HAPPINESS!