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The Bangalore International School dance Competition
DAIS Virtual events participation
The Bangalore International School dance Competition

The BIS DansComp, was held throughout August, 2020 and had 6 talented DAIS participants: Rivcka Madhani, Aarna Dalal, Diya Patel from the 14-18 age category, and Durga Chatterjee, Krisha Singhal and Meghna Pillai from the 10-14 age category.


The event’s theme was “Save the World” and the style of dance was “Fusion”. The event was essentially a dance showcase wherein participants had to create a 1 ½ to 2 minute choreography based on the given theme and style. Then, out of all the entries, the best 24 would be shortlisted and showcased on the finals night. The “Fusion” style of dance gave the participants a lot of freedom to explore different styles and experiment with steps. The theme was also open to interpretation, which allowed the participants to base their entries off issues and causes that were close to their heart. Some of the entries included: A Kathak and Freestyle fusion on the fun-spirited song ‘Kudi Nu Nachne De’, the underlying message of this entry was saving the world from the patriarchy in our society and encouraging women’s empowerment.


Yet another entry was all about positive image and empowering people to be confident and feel beautiful in their own skin. The song was ‘What Makes you Beautiful’ by One Direction and the styles were Bhangra and Hip-Hop. Krisha Singhal’s entry was one of the 24 shortlisted. Her performance was all about saving the world through hope and positivity, she performed a fusion of Kathak and Contemporary/Ballet on the song Aashayein.


The participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves while creating these beautiful dances. One of the participants, Rivcka Madhani, had this to say regarding the competition, “It was a challenging experience as the connecting the theme to a choreography was not easy however that made the experience even more enjoyable and exciting as it allowed me as a dancer to step out of my comfort zone. It was a delightful experience and I really enjoyed the entire process of selecting the song, the choreography as well as the shoot.”