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Class 4 Overnight Stay 2019-2020

1st February 2020 was the best day for our fourth graders, in this academic year, as it was their sleepover at school. This is easily the most awaited event which pupils love, because they get to spend the night with their friends, away from their parents. Year after year the teachers organize a multitude of activities for the children, for the sleepover. The children are kept fruitfully engaged and busy, during their one and a half day on the school campus. All the activities planned, have some learning for the children, and at the same time they include the element of fun too.



Class 4 A and B got into school at 9 am on February 1st and they settled their bags in the designated classrooms. Thereafter they assembled in the atrium for registration, looking for their own nametags, to form their groups. All activities over the two days were conducted in these groups. The children made new friends, learnt to mingle and interact with each other, and of course, tried to make their teams win.



The first activity of the day was a huge surprise. There was shock and disbelief writ on the children’s faces, when in walked Mr. John Abraham. He spoke about his journey, his inspirations, his strengths, his passions and how one should cultivate healthy habits in their lives. The children enjoyed a fitness session with him, post his talk.



That over, yet another surprise awaited the students. They were excited and got busy painting their white canvas shoes in bright lovely designs. Clearing up the mess created, was a valuable learning for the young artists.


The lunch that followed was as thrilling as the activities. The menu planned was scrumptious and in the words of some of the kids, “the best meal ever!” After second and third helpings, the children were energized for the rest of the day.



Into the auditorium assembled all the students, eager to find out what awaited them. The next session was one on ‘back packing and tent pitching’. After a brief talk by trained campers, children dabbled in a hands-on experience at both skills, which are essentials of camping and trekking.


Now it was time for a unique activity-The DAIS Master Chef Competition. The session was organized and conducted with valuable inputs by some of our gracious parents, who volunteered and guided the students through the activity. The theme for the competition was ‘Healthy Eating’. The students came up with innovative and delectable recipes, displaying their culinary skills. The judges to the competition were from among the parent volunteers.


The children then donned their thinking caps, pondering over the clues for the Treasure Hunt activity. Once the treasure was found, the students had to use their creativity to make up a message to their teachers, letting them know of how they were enjoying the stay.



As the sun set, the children got ready to witness the school security team perform the daily ritual of lowering the national flag. They were educated on the ritual and the rules governing the same.


The activities continued into the late evening, including the game of strength- the tug-of-war and other skill-based races. Dinner was a welcome part of the day, as children participated in the cake cutting and a delicious meal.


The after-dinner session was a trip down memory lane. The children watched a video showing their time at school over the last 6 years; from tiny tots to young lads and girls. The students were not too happy to turn-in for the night and ‘lights out’ did not deter their whispering and giggling, which continued till much later.



Waking up in the morning together was just as much fun. The first activity of day 2 was a Yoga session. After a quick change of clothes, the students trooped into the cafeteria, enjoying pancakes, ‘uttapams’ and juice. Now they were ready for another round of activities.



The teachers had set up an obstacle course for the children. The team that completed it in the minimum time, would be the winner. It was heartening to see the children encourage their team-mates and help them through the course.


But as they say, “All good things must come to an end”, and so did our Overnight Say. After a prize distribution and good luck gifts, the children dragged their feet, lugging their bags, reluctant to go home.


The Overnight Stay was a day of bonding and of sweet and long-lasting memories, which would be engraved forever in the hearts of all.