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Class 4 Overnight Stay

“A School Sleepover is the only time you’re expected to fall asleep in class!”


The Class 4 sleepovers are a popular and much awaited activity in the Primary School. The excitement began several days before the weekend of 3rd and 4th February, 2018. The children had started discussing about what they would carry to school, about hanging out with friends, staying up that bit later, midnight feasts, etc.


On D-day, the children walked in through the front gates, lugging along their strolleys and haversacks, with wide smiles and anticipation writ across their faces. However, sleep was the last thing on their minds.


At the start of session 1, the children were divided into 6 groups of 10 kids each and they selected their team leader and a suitable name for the group. The names were innovative and original, like ‘Terrific 10’ and ‘Super-sonic Dudes’. We started with a drama session conducted by our school Speech and Drama teacher Mr. Nick Pillow. The children played several drama games and had a field day acting and performing for the others.


The next session was ‘In Conversation with Mahesh Bhupati’. Mr. Bhupati spoke about his life, his game, his career, his achievements and the setbacks. This was followed by a Q and A, wherein he answered some questions from the children. The teams then had an exercise session which included novel races and games. The session was a warm-up to the hectic day that would proceed.


After a sumptuous lunch that followed, we had a less aggressive session of Tent Pitching, Back-packing, Scout Knots and Lazim. Children participated in each of the activities, enjoying each of them.


Late afternoon turned our little ones into chefs, as they participated in a cookery session, followed by a ‘Master Chef DAIS’. The session was organized and conducted by one of our gracious parents Ms. Amrita Raichand. The kids churned out some exotic new dishes and gave them innovative names to make them more delectable. The winning teams were awarded points, which were added to their total. After having stirred their appetite, the kids were served snacks, which they walloped happily.


Closer to sunset, the children witnessed the lowering of the national flag, a ceremonial activity performed daily by the school security. This was accompanied by a talk on the ‘Why? How? Who? When?’ of the ritual, as well as the ‘Dos and Don’ts’ to be kept in mind. It was a very informative talk, which stirred patriotism among the children.


After a quick change of clothes, was a session of Tele-games. These games encouraged the kids to jump, run, help each other, and have a good time while conquering obstacles. “You are never too young to set goals and celebrate accomplishing them”- the games seemed to say!


The dinner that followed was complete with dessert and cake cutting. It was back to the auditorium for an indoor campfire. The children sang songs and watched a slide show of their pictures from the LKG to Class 4. The pictures set a nostalgic tone, as children giggled and reminisced about some of their earlier days at school.


As the night progressed, the children got into their pajamas and got ready for bed. They laid out and made their own beds. At lights-out, the children winked at each other and there was inevitable whispering and giggling, as they finally fell asleep.


The teachers were dreading the waking up, which miraculously wasn’t required. The children were up and about before some of the teachers. Waking up in the morning together was just as much fun. The kids were recharged and raring to get on with the day.


The new morning began with a calming Yoga session, which was the perfect way to start the day. A nice sizzling breakfast followed, which the children ate happily and hungrily. The Treasure Hunt was next, and it was a delight to see the children run all over the campus, looking for clues and rejoicing at cracking them. The team points escalated with every activity.


A Tug-of-War was played next and the mightiest team tugged away victorious.


Next were the Indian Games. The teams dueled it out in Kabaddi and Kho-kho, with an enthusiastic audience cheering for their favourites. The morning ended in the auditorium, with the announcement of the winners and the prize distribution. As the parents lined up to collect their children, the kids waved out to their teachers and to their friends, having learnt some valuable lessons on bonding and teamwork.