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Class 5 Assembly India - A Land of Colour and Culture

The Class 5 learning unit ‘How we Express Ourselves’ was extended, with the students putting up an assembly on the occasion of Republic Day, for the entire student body. The learners used different forms of expression to propagate the message of fraternity, equality, and open-mindedness to their peers. Supported by the teachers, students brainstormed ways in which they could highlight the importance of Republic Day through song, dance, and digital media. To begin with, learners recorded themselves interviewing some senior students, to develop a clear understanding of the values enshrined in our Preamble to the Constitution. This was followed by a rap song written by the students themselves, about the Constitution. They performed cultural dances from the different regions of India and sang a melodious song about peace. Through these performances, the message of fraternity and being open-minded was beautifully expressed. Students took ownership of scripting, choreographing, presenting, and rehearsing their performances collaboratively. The assembly was a great opportunity for our fifth graders to be risk-takers, as they explored new art forms and became confident communicators.