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Convivial Conclave’- RKKGPS, Jodhpur

Convivial Conclave’- RKKGPS, Jodhpur

An overwhelming number of 38 DAIS students participated in the ‘Convivial Conclave’ hosted by Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls' Public School, Jodhpur, from the 20th - 24th June 2020. The aim of the Convivial Conclave was to encourage students to think beyond the mainstream thoughts prevailing all around them and to develop a contemporary but innovative approach for solving various problems that they faced in their day to day lives. The students participated in a range of activities that helped students explore their creative potentials.

  1. PowerPoint Karaoke: In this activity, the participants had to design a PowerPoint Presentation on any random topic and the same was presented to another participant who had never seen the presentation before had to present it impromptu. The content of all the presentations were slightly off the topic, resulting in challenging the presenter students to think of some plausible connection they could make. Presentations were made on a wide array of topics like ‘Vegetables have Feelings’, ‘Special Requirements for Your Dog’, ‘Potatoes’, ‘Ducks’, ‘Blobfish’, and more. However, what kept all the participants going was the support and encouragement that they received from the other students.

  2. Word Charades: In Word Charades, the participants had to challenge the audience to guess the word that had been allotted using two phrases. The activity was made more interesting and difficult by adding an adjective in front of the word. The game was made all the more exciting, since in the second round, the participants got a word in Hindi. Though they tried the best, the participants needed a lot of guesses before getting the word right! However, the constant encouragement by the extremely patient host students kept the students motivated through these sessions.

  3. To Binge or Not to Binge: Here the students had to pick a book, choose a series or a movie and present their review about their recommendation and discuss if it was worth binging or not. Students presented their ideas through PowerPoint Presentations and videos. After they had presented, the audience shared their comments and feedback whether they agreed with the speaker or not, and the reasons for the same The opposing opinions of students and their short, friendly debates were not only showcasing different perspectives but they were also a great way of interacting and engaging with the other participants. The event was a great way of acquiring knowledge while having fun. Some of the many books, series, and movies recommended include the Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson series, Heroes of Olympus, The Witches, Shark Tank, Sound of Music, etc.

  4. School Exhibition: This activity was similar to an advertising commercial, where participants had to portray their school as a brand and had to advertise it using attractive phrases and catchy taglines. They could also describe a product sold by their school. Students from the same school were divided into groups where they had to collectively present their brand or product. Participants showcased the features and attributes of their school using PowerPoint Presentations and videos. Students presented their schools using the aims, the motto, the objectives, and even their school song.

  5. Talent Show: This activity was a platform through which students from various schools were able to portray their skills and interests. This activity also helped all the participants from different schools socialize and mingle with each other, improving their communication skills. The participants displayed an array of talents - art, their composition of poems, singing and playing instruments and also unusual talents like mimicry and also websites they designed as well. The authentic and diverse display of talents helped students appreciate each other and their interests.

  6. Mystery in History: The participants were divided into groups and every group was assigned a different unsolved mystery which they had to research on. A few of them included Time Travel, Bermuda Triangle,Cleopatra etc. Every topic was discussed in depth by considering the various theories related to the topic and presenting their opinion and views on it. There was a short question and answer session after each presentation, making it an intriguing activity. There were also umpteens of theories from everyone resulting in a great interaction.

  7. Quiz: A PowerPoint Presentation with around 50 GK questions were shared with the participants who had to answer these questions in the chat-box. To make the session more interesting, the organisers added a task after every 5 questions. While some questions were easily answerable, the participants had to rack their mind for a few, discussing a couple of questions. This helped them interact even more! The last five questions were a game changer, as they carried greater scores and helped some participants from the bottom to reach the podium!


Dais Student Delegates

Kiara Maniar, Vansh Bansal, Arhav Thakkar, Reya Mehendale, Aditya Ramanathan, Sanaaya Bhandari, Shiv Kini, Saachi Gupta, Yash Shah, Nastassia Bokdawala, Harshvardhan Jhaveri, Dylan D'souza, Madhav Arora,Tanisha Joshi, Advait Variyar, Niharika Naik, Ishaan Shah, Rhea Jain, Myeisha Chhablani, Ishani Badala, Vivaan Bhatia, Shashwat Singh, Suvanshi Lakhotiya, Jash Shah, Mokksh, Aryan Vivek, Neil Jhunjhunwala, Jiana Shah, Anika Garg, Annika Cerejo, Crista D'Souza, Aditya Gupta, Neil Goradia, Neerja Desai, Manas Agarwal, Ojas Bajaj, Vivaan Jain and Mauurya Desai

DAIS Teacher Delegates:

Ms. Manisha Nanda and Ms. Pratima Sridhar