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DAIS Bookathon 2021-2022

After the success of our Annual Read Aloud Project, our students were inspired to promote and spread literacy, as well as share knowledge, with those who are less fortunate. Thus, the idea of the ‘DAIS Bookathon’ was born.



‘DAIS Bookathon’ is a book donation drive, that is an excellent way to instill in our students the aspect of community service and develop in them the culture of ‘read & share’; to make a difference to another young life. Through this endeavour we hope to help someone find magic in the pages of a book, the same way it did for our children.



Our students enthusiastically donated their old but reusable books to the drive, happy that their once cherished treasures would now find new owners. It was heartening to see how they took on the responsibility to spread the joy of gifting with that of reading, giving someone, somewhere, a reason to smile.




The collections made through the drive were donated to the Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust. The Trust started the ‘Mission Million Books Project’, which aims at educating young India by cultivating reading habits among children and providing access to quality reading resources.



As always, our parents supported our cause to help the underprivileged children and helped us collect a sizeable number of books.