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DAIS Celebrates Azadi 70

Freedom Fortnight – Azadi 70 – Yaad Karo Kurbani’


As a part of the ongoing celebrations of Azadi 70 in school, children of the third standard danced with patriotic fervor to A.H.Rahman’s Vande Mataram.



Once they had finished dancing amidst cheers of appreciation from the gathered audience of children and staff, the students of the Primary and Middle School, joined in singing well-known songs that eulogized the freedom struggle and the sacrifices laid down by the freedom fighters and martyrs.



DAIS is celebrating ‘Azadi 70 – Yaad Karo Kurbani' (Freeedom Fortnight)in the school, between the period 9th August to 23rd August, 2016


All the students are involved in various activities, highlighting India's struggle for independence and the patriotism they feel towards their country.



Charts, letters, models, made by the students are on display in the school atrium, with fresh additions each day. The entire school community participated in singing patriotic songs during break-time. They were dressed in Indian attire, to express their Indian-ness.




'We Are Grateful'

Students made presentations in their respective classes and shared the reasons for feeling grateful to our freedom fighters. Recalling their sacrifice and struggle, students went down memory lane, tracing the events to Independence.This display board was a collective effort by the students, to articulate their involvement in the Independence Day Celebrations at the school.



Respect from students of LKG


Children of the Lower KG A & B met the ‘Real Heroes’ this Independence Day.



A lady police inspector, the school’s own security guards and a retired Colonel from the Army; all of them were honoured and thanked by the little ones. Loud cheers of ‘Jai Hind’ resonated in the class, as they saluted their heroes and gifted each of them a hand painted flag of India.






Second Language-Hindi Creative Writing


The Creative Writing Competition was held on 9th August 2016, for all classes of Secondary School. It brought out the creativity of the students, on topics pertaining to patriotism, keeping in mind the celebration of 70 years of India’s glorious independence. It served as a medium to celebrate the second language, in an enjoyable and enlightening way.




Hindi Debate


The Hindi Debate was held for grades 10, 11 and 12 and served the purpose of bringing out the talents of students who possess eloquence and other qualities of a good orator. The Preliminary Rounds were held on the 16th August, 2016, while the Final between the Tigers and the Panthers was held a week later, on the 23rd August, the best speaker being Mudit Agrawal, of the Panther House from Grade 11. This year the topic for the Final was–‘G.S.T ibala doSa kI ]nnait ka ekmaa~ saaQana hO.’


The debates were regarding topics which are concerned with our nation and deal with current affairs and hence were a medium for students to present their opinions on crucial issues. This was an educational event which was packed with fervor, teamwork and strength of opinion.