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Dais Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is a welcoming and dynamic hub that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, and reading appreciation.



In support of the DAIS mission, values, and objectives, the Learning Centre innovative program is an integral component of the school’s instructional program and equips students with skills that empower them to succeed in their academic and adult life.


Research skills such as find, evaluate, select appropriate and reliable sources, acknowledging source, respect copyright/ intellectual property rights, demonstrate mastery of technology tools for accessing information, etc., is essential, and in order to help students learn these skills, and through collaborative teaching, a qualified team of librarians and media specialists offer differentiated physical and online guidance, and instruction, leading inquiry-based learning opportunities that enhance the learning of information, media, technology, and technical literacies.


Reading incentive programs are also included in the LC program and the team offers a variety of engaging and gamified activities, such as Battle of the Books, Cool Badges for Cool Readers, book clubs, authors visit/talk, eBook creation, and other activities that can help develop reading skill and spark the habit and reading appreciation.


The Learning Centre’s physical and digital hubs, provide 24/7 access to a comprehensive variety of high-quality diverse learning resources, equipment, and tools that support the school multicultural curriculums, and meet individual students' needs and interests.


The collection includes over 38,000 print books and a wide collection of digital books, 35 print and digital periodicals subscriptions, scholar/academic databases subscriptions, over 1,600 multimedia resources, the curation of digital content providing multiple opportunities for research interaction appropriate to all content areas.




The Learning Centre team, whenever requested and in collaboration with the teachers, supports the ICSE, IGCSE, IBDP students by providing entire class, or personalized individual guidance, and instruction on information literacy--research and citation skills, ensuring that students develop crucial skills to their success as ICSE, IGCSE, AND IBDP students and as lifelong learners.


Academic Honesty, Information and Media Literacies


Physical/digital and intellectual access to learning resources is guided by principles of intellectual freedom, legal standards, and research skills. Intellectual access to information and learning resources requires that they are matched to individual needs and interests; that students can find, evaluate, and use information responsibly.


Understanding the concepts and values behind Academic Honesty is essential, and to ensure that students will know how to display integrity and responsibility in academic work, creating and expressing own ideas, and acknowledging the intellectual contributions of others, a team of library and media specialists are always ready to support them, and to provide information, media and technical literacy lessons.





The Middle School and the Primary follow an information literacy program and students have physical or online weekly sessions in the Learning Centre hubs to develop research skills and other related literacies. Students also have physical or online sessions for reading appreciation or for purpose, and students are challenged to participate in reading incentive programs, story time, and other fun reading activities.




Students have 30 minutes physical or online weekly sessions in the Learning Centre for reading appreciation or for purpose, and students participate in story time, and other fun reading activities.


For Teachers-

ASCD : Empowers educators to achieve excellence in teaching and learning.

Digital Theatre : Is the world’s leading digital platform for the Arts.

Education Week : Providing research articles on educational matters.

Efofex Software : Aids mathematics teachers, as well as students with special needs.

eNotes : An educational resource from leading academic publishers used by millions of teachers, students and researchers. It contains 3,500+ literature study guides, Critical essays on more than 30,000 works of literature and an unparalleled literary criticism section featuring 40,000 full-length or excerpted essays.

Geofile Online : Offers the latest geographical news and insights.

Geographyalltheway : Online Geography and Humanities resources for teachers and students of KS3, GCSE / IGCSE, AS / A2 / IB Geography and MYP Humanities.

InThinking : Subscription site for IBDP teachers, contains a wealth of invaluable information and advice on various aspects of teaching, as well as numerous classroom resources. The school has subscribed to English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics, Geography, Visual Arts, Spanish and French B Orals.

IB Exam Paper and Mark Scheme : Complete resources for exam preparation. Great for independent study or classroom use

IB Question Bank : Currently have a subscription to Science Pack and Business and Management.

Geofact Sheet : Instant access to hundreds of KS3, GCSE and A level Geography resources.

Learning A-Z : Providing reading programmes for the Primary School.

Linguascope : Is an interactive Language Learning Platform that supports the language curriculum through purposeful, engaging interactive activities that inspire and motivate learners. Currently used by the Spanish Department.

MathType 7 for Windows : It is a powerful interactive equation editor for Windows and Macintosh that lets users create mathematical notation for word processing, web pages, desktop publishing, presentations and e-learning.

Super Teacher Tools and Worksheets : Printable worksheets and activities for teachers

Teach Computer Science : Comprehensive GCSE computer science teaching resources.

Teach ICT : Collection of interactive resources to teach ICT and Computer Studies.

Thisislanguage : Authentic language videos, interactive exercises. Currently used by Spanish department.


EBSCO : An online research database for elementary, middle, and high schools which includes journals, magazines, books, monographs, reports, e-books, business book summaries and various other publications.

JSTOR : A database containing more than a thousand academic journals and over 1 million images, letters, and other primary sources.

The Economist : It offers authoritative insight and opinion on international news, politics and economics articles.