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DAIS Pays Tribute to India

The Primary DAIS community geared up for a week-long celebration of Indian Independence by hosting the ‘Freedom Week’. All our K-4th Grade students were charged with patriotic fervour, as the week progressed. All the classes were involved in a multitude of activities, which were planned to stir the young ones with pride and respect for our nation. Our children are our beacons of hope and encouragement, as we still fight for our freedom from certain evils of society. The children had stimulating discussions in their classes, as to what ‘freedom’ means to them and their responses and emotions were expressed simply and beautifully. Some students felt that freedom is responsibility; while others expressed that it is a state of peace and unity!


Besides this, the week was infused with dance, music, drama, yoga and art, which evoked the spirit of nationalism. Some classes had interactive sessions with veterans from the Armed Forces, which invoked responsible citizenship and patriotism among our students. Stories of India’s struggle for freedom were narrated and skits were performed by groups of students, in English and Hindi. Quizzes and games were enjoyed, as were songs like “Vande Mataram” and “Saare jahaan se achcha”. The children were dressed up in Indian attire and made the tricolor, as the symbol of a nation that blends many cultures, languages, castes and creed, to live in peace and harmony. All our students paid tribute to our great nation on our 74th Independence Day. Jai Hind!