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'Postcard' from Doon, Dehradoon
RS Postcard
'Postcard' from Doon, Dehradoon

On the 24th of June 2020, three students from DAIS took part in an online Round Square “Postcard from Doon” activity with the theme - Adventure. The Postcard was hosted and led by students from The Doon School - Dehradun, and involved 18 schools with over 50 students participating in this activity.


The main topic of discussion was how individuals engage with the theme of ‘adventure in their day to day lives’ as well as ‘what adventure meant’ to them. The aim of this conversation was to explore the meaning of ‘Adventure’ as perceived by the participating delegates as well as broaden their own perspectives on the same. The discussion allowed the participants to establish that adventure cannot be defined as an ideology, but as a concept. Prior to the online interaction, the delegates had to send a brief writeup on what adventure meant to them and share a few pictures to showcase their experience of adventure in life.


The online event on 24th June was graced by the presence of Mr. Ankur Bahl - a successful Indian mountaineer who has completed the "Seven Summits" of the world. He put forth his own exciting experiences with all the students. The participants were then split up into smaller Baraza groups, wherein they discussed and expressed several aspects of adventure, ranging from joining a new athletics club to participating in kayaking. The key learning being anything new tried for the first time is an adventure by itself. The session concluded with a small reflection over what had been discussed in each group.


“I realised that every hike I take, every sport I play, every class I conduct, every song I sing, every drive I take and just going through life is an adventure,” quoted Mr. Billimoria, as he reflected at the end of the postcard activity. Postcard from Doon was indeed an enriching and insightful experience for the students as they got the opportunity to interact with many children from all over the world and shared each other’s views on adventure.


DAIS Student Delegates:
Ananya Srinivasan, Arjun Asudani and Diya Piramal


Participating Adult Delegates:
Mr. Cawas Billimoria and Ms. Manisha Nanda

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