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'Postcard' from Lindisfarne Grammar School, Australia
RS Postcards
'Postcard' from Lindisfarne Grammar School, Australia

On the 11th of November, six students from DAIS participated in the Round Square activity 'Postcard', hosted by the Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar School on Zoom. The goal of this activity was to bring students from all over the world together to explore Culinary Culture and Native Foods.


Before the session, the students sent photographs of them cooking their favourite dish .The session brought together more than 80 delegates from 17 schools from around the globe, including Australia, the USA, Canada, India, Peru, Germany and Oman. The experience was interesting as the delegates learnt about the diverse cultures and their influence on traditional foods. The Host School shared the method of making kangaroo burgers, a dish traditional to Australia. They shared a PowerPoint Presentation with pictures of the delegates cooking their cultural dishes and explaining the significance of the dish.


The delegates were then split into breakout groups, where they discussed the ways food brings people together and the role it plays in our culture. This discussion brought about so many diverse perspectives, ranging from hunting and foraging for bush tucker food like the Aboriginals, to making classic comfort food like grilled cheese. This postcard truly captured the essence of Internationalism, which is a core pillar of Round Square.


Reflecting on the activity, a DAIS student said, “This experience taught me so much about the similarities in so many cultures around the globe. I went into the postcard thinking that everyone would be speaking about something alien to me, instead, I found that our cultures share so many of the same ideas, but in different forms, and that diversity and heritage of every region was so unique. This was truly an enriching experience.”


DAIS Student Delegates: Neerja Desai, Kiara Maniar, Reya Mehendale, Tanisha Joshi, Shiv Kini, and Arhav Thakkar.


DAIS Adult Delegates: Ms Kamaljit Kaur