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'Postcard' from the Radford College Canberra
RS Postcards
'Postcard' from the Radford College Canberra

On the 18th of November 2020 more than 100 participants of age 11-13 from 15 Round Square schools in India, Australia, Rwanda, South Africa, Germany, China and the USA came together on a Round Square Postcard Zoom call with a theme - ‘Deep dive into Canberra’s culture and explore the theme of Adventure’.


Eight student delegates from DAIS participated in this Round Square activity ‘Postcard’ hosted by Radford College, Canberra. The event opened to a fascinating teaser on Canberra’s culture followed by a stunning presentation of the participants’ tryst with Adventure.


Apart from learning about Canberra, its history and culture, our delegates interacted with the hosts and other delegates in three separate sessions conducted in their respective breakout rooms. During this interaction, participants shared pictures of their biggest or most recent adventure. The hosts led the delegates through a lively discussion of their adventure experiences which was followed by an informative and thought-provoking Q/A session.


Reflecting on the activity, a DAIS delegate said, “It was a great experience being exposed to many perspectives and understanding how ‘adventure’ varied from person to person. It was truly enlightening to interact with different people and know their experiences.”


DAIS Student Delegates: Tithi Agarwal, Riddhima Chaudhary, Ashlesha Bakshi, Shlok Agarwal, Ishaan Rangwalla, Vansh Aggarwal, Pehr Hara and Amartya Raje.


DAIS Adult Delegates: Ms. Amali Munroe