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'Postcard' from Rockport School, Northern Ireland
RS Postcards
'Postcard' from Rockport School, Northern Ireland


The Round Square Postcard – ‘Tall Tales, Folklore & Culture’ was hosted by Rockport School, Northern Ireland on 15 June 2022. Six students from Grade 6 represented DAIS in the postcard with an aim to learn more about different cultures. The call was joined by 70 participants from 13 schools across 8 countries – Argentina, Ireland, Kenya, Togo, Peru, South Africa, UAE, and India.



The host school welcomed all the delegates by sharing the rich tradition of stories and tales from Ireland. They invited all participants to stare their pre-tasks describing the popular traditions from their own countries.



DAIS delegates planned their Pre-task by choosing to narrate a story from The Panchatantra - an ancient Indian collection of inter woven fables with animals portraying human virtues and vices.


Narrated in a light-hearted manner by the DAIS delegates, the story -The Monkey & the Crocodile, helped the participant delegates gain the valuable lesson of using quick wit as a survival technique in life.



The 60 minutes flew past quickly as the participants were enthralled listening to stories from different lands. Each story came to life through the colorful visuals prepared by the participating delegates as a pre-task. Participating schools ensured that they presented their narratives in the most enjoyable form that captivated their audience as seen in the illustration below.



The delegates got an insight into other cultures as they learned through the stories of other countries. An innovative way of sharing cultures through stories, this postcard witnessed the technology savvy generation of children enjoying the narration of tales from distant corners of the world proving that stories need to be told in every generation to come.


DAIS Delegates: Agastya Naidu, Nandika Ramchand, Hitansh Bhatt, Anika Jalan, Kimaya Jagtap and Tamanna Tripathi.


DAIS Adult Delegates: Ms. Mitali Palav