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Service Learning

Service Learning

A key feature of DAIS education is providing an enduring learning experience to instil the values of caring, compassion and empathy in students. These values lie at the heart of the DAIS service learning activities and equip students with the knowledge and skills to bring about positive social change.


Students from Class III onwards are involved in community service, with the aim of achieving three primary goals - AWARENESS, ACTION and ADVOCACY. The age-appropriate local, national and international service projects and activities involve planning, action, review and reflection, which create invaluable life experiences. These expose children to purposeful civic learning and to the values of democratic processes and social responsibility.


A three-pronged approach forms the basis of DAIS Community Service programme: the DAIS Village Empowerment Project, DAIS student-initiated projects and Service Initiatives supporting NGOs. Through these, students get opportunities to visit and take part in activities at old-age homes, orphanages and NGO schools. The village projects involve students working to build schools, roads, houses and toilet blocks in villages.


As a central element of the IB Diploma CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) programme, students work on a sustained basis with ten NGOs in Mumbai. Built on the three pillars of Infrastructure, Education and Empowerment, the DAIS-initiated Village Project ‘Empowering Rural India’ is a reflection of the DAIS ethos of giving back to the community.


Service Learning creates the opportunity for purposeful civic learning. Active community service helps students define for themselves what it means to participate in a democratic society and deepens their understanding of individual leadership and social responsibility. Interactions with the community leads to new perspectives and more positive lifestyle choices and behaviour. Our students evolve as reflective thinkers by applying academic learning to real human needs.