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The Dirt Busters


Everything in our lives is built upon the Earth, it grows on the Earth, or depends on the environment of the Earth, in some form or the other. Earth is the only planet where existence is possible, hence it is our duty to save and protect our Mother Earth.



‘Earth Day’ is an annual event at DAIS, celebrated with the rest of the world, on 22nd April. This year too, the Primary school participated in a multitude of activities to spread awareness on conservation and protection of Mother Earth.



Keeping this in mind, our children were made aware that EVERY DAY IS AN EARTH DAY and the purpose of celebrating Earth Day is to help keep our grass greener and our skies bluer, by growing more trees and by reducing pollution. It was a great day to highlight our efforts and to engage the whole student community in making a difference with our actions and decisions.



The Primary section of the school posed as “The Dirt Busters” and participated in a medley of educational and fun activities. Each class level was involved in a varied conservation- related activity.





Class 1 drew and coloured recycled cloth bags with slogans and pictures portraying ways to a cleaner Earth. The children sat in the outdoors and worked on their creations.



Class 2 created and displayed gigantic handmade banners at vantage points around the school, alerting everyone about the harmful effects of pollution and the necessity to save trees, water, electricity and other natural resources.



Class 3 got busy designing and painting t-shirts, informing us on how earth can be saved from pollution and global warming. The students were encouraged to clean up after the activities, as a self-driven start.



Finally, Class 4 undertook a wall mural -painting activity. A long wall at the rear of the school building was identified and beautified by the students, with relevant art and key elements to drive home the message of the importance of saving Earth and the measures that can be adopted to save our planet Earth from destruction and damage.



Besides being a part of these myriad activities, the teachers have also been speaking to the children and assisting them to assimilate simply yet clearly, that our natural resources are limited and we desperately need to use them judiciously, to make Earth eternal.



The mantra that rung out loud and clear around the school was that ‘Together we can make everyday Earth Day and each one of us in the school can make a difference to the quality of our lives!’