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Every Day Earth Day is the motto we follow at DAIS. In the past years, there have been many planned activities that sustain themselves in the direction of the cause and become more of a ‘habit’ than a ‘one off’ action. Example, Garbage segregation, Swachh DAIS, replacing of the paper cups with ceramic cups etc.

This year too, the planned programme includes activities that will become an inherent part of student life and provide a sense of responsibility amongst the students.

The children of the Primary Round Square Core created an awareness campaign with a pledge ‘Make a Difference’.

Collectively, they created a poster campaign addressing the issues of cleanliness, water conservation, R’s and other environmental issues.

This is just the first step. Over a period of time, the ‘green warriors’ of DAIS will continue and sustain the efforts to minimize waste, reuse and recycle resources.

Every step leads to making our students conscious and responsible individuals.