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DAIS Leadership Series


Talks on Leadership and Innovation

Students in high school face many challenging questions concerning the future: choosing the "best-fit" university, choosing the “right" disciplines and courses, and even choosing the “perfect" job! The task isn’t limited to making these life-changing decisions, it is supplemented by our desire to contribute meaningfully to society. The leader within us yearns to come out and shine, simultaneously setting a standard and making an impact on a regional, national, and international level.

This path, however, becomes difficult to traverse without guidance and support. To successfully provide these, one can look to the life lessons of India’s leaders: their experiences hold answers to questions about the journey ahead and their stories inspire us to be the leaders we strive to be.

A true leader motivates others to lead. The most successful leaders can disrupt their industries while applying time-tested principles. They adapt to the ever-changing environment that faces them and are constantly innovating. Dhirubhai Ambani, the Founder Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited after whom our school is named, was one such visionary who built India’s largest private sector firm.

With these pressures of adolescence and the spirit of leadership in mind, Ishaan Meswani initiated the Leadership Series in the year 2012. His prudent efforts created a platform that provided DAIS students invaluable insights from leaders across India. Gayatri Meswani spear-headed the event from year 2014 onwards. Her continued efforts brought forth the trials and tribulations of inspirational speakers that paved their path to success. In 2017, the baton was handed over to Eesha Bodapati. She diligently strives to bring forward stellar speakers who broaden student understanding of the real world around them. As students are exposed to case studies of pioneers from the fields of business, science, culture, sports, and many other professional domains, they come across pragmatic lessons and invaluable wisdom that shall guide them in the future and make them life-long learners.