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Language Day Celebrations

Language Day Celebrations

The world is a melting pot of cultural diversity today. This makes foreign languages a key to growth and understanding this globally diverse domain. DAIS makes earnest efforts to create a student community that is not only knowledgeable but also culturally aware through an early introduction to foreign languages.

Our school lays an emphasis on teaching second language beginning at an early age. Students are taught Hindi right from the Primary Level. Students are also given the option of studying the languages of Gujarati or Marathi till the Secondary Level. Foreign Languages like French and Spanish are taught to students in the Middle School Level. We believe that exposing students to multiple languages enhances their access to people and resources, to better communication and fruitful travel experiences.

Imparting the learning of different languages, both native and foreign, raises our students to a better understanding to varied cultures and unfamiliar customs. Our students and teachers are actively involved in language day celebrations where they display an appreciation of the multi-cultural world. Students engage in varied activities which promote international mindedness.