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MERAKI – Visual Art Fest ‘Glimpse of wonderful experience’
DAIS Virtual events participation
MERAKI – Visual Art Fest ‘Glimpse of wonderful experience’

The Welham Girls’ School hosted the “Meraki - Visual Art Fest”, on 20th July 2020, to celebrate the Spirit of Creativity by rejuvenating the artistic skills amongst the students of Visual Art and Design. The aim of the activity was to enhance creativity, reasoning and imagination skills thereby invoking appreciation for diversity, inquisitiveness, compassion, and self-awareness.



The fest provided scope for delegates with varied interest to participate in four different categories: Junior Category Art, Senior Category Art, Photography, and Digital Art. The prompts for each category were Jigazo (A dreamy self-portrait), Selflessness, Abstract Paper World, and open category respectively. Thirteen creative delegates from Dhirubhai Ambani International School participated in the activity. Each student created a final product as a result of their understanding and impression of the topic provided.



The Meraki Fest allowed the students to re-indulge in their love for art and creativity. It was a fruitful and enjoyable experience. We had winners in the following categories:


  1. Adya Rohira – 2nd position – English Slam Peotry
  2. Vir Datta – 1st position – French Retrouvailles
  3. Barkha Seth – 1st position – Spanish – El nino en la calle


We also have a winner in the MERAKI VISUAL ARTS CONTEST, with Zoya Gupta in the 3rd position



DAIS was nominated the ‘Achiever school’, at the FIRGUN FEST


A participating delegate Ananya Mukherji from IBD reflected, “This journey was a great experience that opened me up to a new perspective of Art and enriched my cultural knowledge with respect to Art.”



DAIS Student Delegates: Aarna Dalal, Adya Rohira, Ananya Mittal, Ananya Mukherji, Rahil Mandalia, Sia Harisingani, Avantika Kampani, Samika Jain, Sanika Daga, Zoya Gupta, Aarna Sanghai, Kashvee Barjatya and Vedika Shah


DAIS Adult Delegates: Erwin Utchanah and Manisha Nanda


Link to the Brochure: