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Middle School Inter House English Elocution Competition 24th Sept 2019 -20


The Middle School Inter House English Elocution Competition is an eagerly awaited event in the DAIS calendar. Hectic auditions that span over weeks, determine the selection of the finalists. However the effort is finally spectacular and worth it. This year’s selection of poems impressed the judges too; Mr. Matthew Griggs and Mr Gary Holsten from the Middle School, and Mr Raja Sen teaching English in the IB.


There was pin drop silence in the audience as the participants recited engaging poems like, ‘The Joys of Junk Food and ‘I am being abducted by the Aliens.’



A particularly inspiring poem was ‘The Race’ that imparted valuable life lessons. Two other poems dealt with the good and the bad of the Cyber world.


The judges congratulated the winners and motivated other students to take the initiative and try to come up on the stage the next time.


Winners of Group 1 [Grade 5 &6]:

  1. 1. Freeyah Golia
  2. 2. Rachit Gianchandani
  3. 3. Gayatri Srivastava


Winners of Group 2 [Grade 7 & 8]:

  1. 1. Sirisha Gajri
  2. 2. Krisha Singhal
  3. 3. Kiara Maniar


In the final tally, the Panther House bagged the first position, followed by the Lion House while there was a tie for the 3rd position between the Tiger and the Jaguar House.