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Primary Fun-Fair

The last day of an academic year is always one with mixed feelings. The children are happy that they will now be moving on to a higher class; however they are unhappy about leaving behind their teachers and some wonderful memories. Keeping this in mind and to cheer up the children, the primary school organized some fun games and activities for the children, in the school auditorium.


A large banner announcing ‘DAIS Game Zone’, welcomed all to the fun-filled, friendly and safe venue. Every primary class division had put together a unique and fun-filled game of skill. The games were decided, organized, assembled and conducted by the teachers, with help from our over-enthusiastic children. Music playing in the background enhanced the festive atmosphere, as children moved from stall to stall, trying their luck and winning candy for every successful attempt.


Pleasure and satisfaction was writ on every child’s face, as other children played at their class stall. Several faculty from other sections of the school too participated and congratulated the children for hosting such a wonderful event. What a perfect way to end the academic year!