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Project Day : Class 6

Project Day : Class 6
Environment: It’s a Small World

The Project Day of class 6 is a thematic program which explores a concept in all the disciplines of the curriculum highlighting the interdisciplinary approach to learning. Working with the concept of environment and studying it in the various disciplines of the curriculum is a challenging job. During the course of the lessons it unfolded that environment shaped the history of civilizations, environment determines geographical features, a good environment in class is needed for students to be safe and secure, Often conversations about the environment start and end with the physical environment. However, beyond the beauty that Mother Earth offers us, we human beings need a safe and positive emotional environment to thrive in. The Drama performance explored the story of a bunch of middle school students who find themselves in a hostile emotional environment. Can they change this? Can nature guide them?


The Hindi play highlighted the need to ‘Bachao’ the environment.


The Indian Music performance presented a collage of environment songs in different languages while the Western song sent out a message about the need to heal the Earth. The Yoga and dance performances demonstrated the elements of the environment according to the ancient Indian knowledge.


The models, charts, surveys and research on various aspects of environment in the curriculum were very informative e.g the Math study for class 6 Project Day was about creating awareness about the need to conserve water. The purpose of this assignment was to highlight the usage of water in our homes on a day to day basis and make all students Water Wise. The Science team presented Water Charts that addressed issues related to water.


The Geography Stall had an array of 3-D models on a variety of landforms backed with interactive presentations. The History stall explained the rise and decline of the Indus valley civilization due to strong environmental factors. The sports stall drew a huge crowd as there were games to demonstrate how environment affects the sports we play. The French stall provided enough information on the pollution in France and measures to combat it. Marathi stall displayed posters that spread awareness on issues of damaging the environment. All in all parents expressed their admiration for the way in which the project day was conceptualized and executed.