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Questioning - The Other Side

On the morning of 9th August, the school invited Ms.Deepali Gupta, a journalist with The Economic Times, to come in as a resource person to talk to the students of Class 2 A and B, about the art of conducting a good interview. This session was organized to give the students first-hand knowledge of the prerequisites of an interview and the art of good questioning, which is the current genre being studied in Creative Writing.


The session began with an animated cartoon of a chef being interviewed. She then went on to divide the class into groups of 6, with a designated leader each. The leader was given a set of questions to ask their group members. The responses were discussed aloud as a whole group.


Next Ms. Gupta associated various popular children’s story books, wherein the characters ask relevant questions to solve a mystery. The students were then given an exercise of reading a short story and framing significant questions on it.



Finally a few children, who posed as the famous personalities Lionel Messi and Sachin Tendulkar, were interviewed by Mrs. Gupta. The spectators had to identify the irrelevant questions during this exercise, making their concept of framing questions very clear. This brought to an end an enriching, interactive and informative session.



The parent was then thanked by the children and presented with souvenirs and cards.