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Read Aloud Project 2021-2022

“Reading is a daily experience and a lifelong benefit!”

Our last event in the Primary school calendar for the academic year 2021-2022, was the annual Read Aloud Project. This event, conducted in collaboration with our parents, focuses on improving our learners’ vocabulary, increasing their comprehension, and strengthening their listening skills. Our enthusiastic parent volunteers planned the event and conducted it for our intrigued young minds, over an exciting conversational buzz and interactive learning engagements.

The theme this year was ‘New Beginnings’, considering the various new experiences that our students have been exposed to in the last two academic years, the latest one being their re-entry into the school’s physical campus. The activities planned by the parents were collaborative, hands-on, and fun, ranging from creative crafts to oral reading and responses; and cooking activities to sharing stories. The volunteers researched and developed some exciting and relevant resources and activities, to engage the students and get them hooked on to books and to reading. The event was conducted online, with our learners displaying their literacy and digital skills. The groups discussed stories, authors, and perspectives, extending beyond the selected books and genres.

Our Read Aloud Project is endorsed by Spin A Yarn, India, guiding us and supporting us with resources and ideas.