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IBDP Results 2021

IBDP Results 2021

Our students from the IB Diploma Class of 2021 have achieved spectacular results in the Diploma Programme. 73% of the students scored 40 points or above, and the School’s average diploma score is 41.1 points (out of a maximum possible score of 45). It is the best-ever performance by any cohort of DAIS students in the last 17 years. For a young school that started in 2003, this accomplishment marks yet another milestone in its constant pursuit of excellence.

Commenting on the IB results, Smt. Nita M. Ambani, Founder & Chairperson, said:

        We are thrilled by the outstanding results achieved by our students from the IB Diploma Class of 2021. With an average score of 41.1 points and 17 students achieving the perfect score of 45, they have set a new benchmark of excellence. This brilliant performance is all the more praiseworthy as they worked with resilience and collaborated effectively in the virtual environment, to overcome the challenges posed by the pandemic. This accomplishment reinforces our position as one of the Top 10 IB Schools in the world and the No. 1 International School in India, and exemplifies our students’ talents and hard work, as well as the extraordinary dedication and commitment of our teachers. My warmest congratulations to all our students and their parents.

Out of the 106 students of the Class of 2021, 103 received the IB Diploma and 3 were IB Certificate candidates.

The School's average Diploma score is 41.1 points
(Worldwide: 33 points)

17 students achieved the perfect score of
45 points, it is achieved by only 1351 students worldwide
12 students scored 44 points
14 students obtained 43 points
75 students earned 40 points or above,
constituting 73% of our students compared to 20.69% worldwide
91 students achieved scores of 36 or above, which
constitutes 88% of our students compared to 43.33% worldwide

85% of Higher Level papers were graded 7 or 6

89% of Standard Level papers were graded 7 or 6
  • In Extended Essay, 83% of the grades obtained
    are A's and B's compared to 41.62% worldwide

  • In Theory of Knowledge, 89% of the grades obtained
    are A's and B's compared to 39.01% worldwide

  • The mean grade obtained by our students was 6.38
    as compared to the world average of 5.33

  • The mean bonus points obtained by our students was 2.51
    as compared to 1.47 worldwide

IB Diploma Results 2021
Students' Diploma Score Snapshot
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Diploma Score Range (out of 45)

IB Diploma Results 2021
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