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IGCSE Results 2022

IGCSE Results 2022

For the Seventeenth year in a row, 65 students of IGCSE Class X of Dhirubhai Ambani International School have come out with flying colours.

87.4% of all grades achieved are A*'s and A’s
(compared to UK National Schools: 26%, UK Independent Schools: 53%, UK Grammar Schools : 66.2%)
  • 63.3% of all grades earned are A*'s
    (UK National Schools : 6.6%)

  • 24.1% of all grades
    achieved are A's
  • 8% of all grades
    achieved are B's
  • 8 students got
    11 A*’s
  • 9 students got
    10 A*’s
  • Overall, 17 students achieved
    and above.
  • 5 students achieved
    9 A*’s
  • 9 students achieved
    8 A*’s
  • 60% of the class achieved
    7A*'s and above.

IGCSE Class X Results 2022
A Snapshot of Students' Grades
% of Students

IGCSE Class X Results 2022
A Comparative Snapshot
Percentage of A*'s and A's

The Independent Schools Council (UK) comprises of seven associations of independent schools (private schools) in UK and overseas. It collectively represents over 1,300 independent schools, which are ranked among the best in the world and educate more than half a million children.
UK National represents the average score of students in GCSE exams across all the schools of UK.