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Round Square
Democracy - “Baaltantra- We the Children of the World”

“Where you see wrong or inequality or injustice, speak out, because this is your country. This is your democracy. Make it. Protect it. Pass it on.”


- Thurgood Marshall


Twelve students from grade 7 accompanied by Ms. Manali Sharma, and Mr. Hariom Phull, represented DAIS at the Daly College hosted Round Square Conference, ‘Baaltantra - We the Children of the World’. Though the theme of the conference was based on Democracy, the delegates gained knowledge on all the six IDEALS of Round Square, over a period of five days from 23 - 27 February 2023.



Day 1- The Adventure begins! The delegates took an early morning flight and reached the sprawling campus of Daly College, a residential and day-boarding school spread around 118 acres of land. They were welcomed by the representatives from the Daly College and taken to the allocated dorms for the conference. The delegates got to know the fellow delegates in their dorms and had an easy-going banter amongst themselves in no time!


After a delectable lunch, the delegates were ready to jump start, a fun and an interactive treasure hunt! The task was to find the hidden vegetables which lay tucked away in various parts of the campus. The end treasure was to create the popular Indian snack - Chatpata Bhel with all the gathered ingredients from the treasure hunt. This was followed by a light-hearted opening ceremony where they discovered the multi talents of Daly students! The delegates then broke up into their respective baraza groups and were engaged in a fun ice-breaker session. The day ended with a practise for the flag bearer’s ceremony followed by a scrumptious dinner.



Day 2- All that Round Square has to offer! The day began with an early morning breakfast by the breezy lakeside lawns, followed by the formal Opening Ceremony of the Conference in the Dhirubhai Ambani Auditorium on Daly Campus, a place close to our heart. An impactful address by the chief guest, Air Chief Marshal Birendra Singh Dhanoa on the qualities of a leader; creativity and innovativeness; inquisitiveness and discipline had an indelible mark on the delegates present in the auditorium. In the afternoon, the delegates parted for their first baraza sessions anxious but thrilled to see what they could bring to the table.



After an endowing baraza session, the delegates got to showcase their creativity in their respective visual art workshops that they had chosen. DAIS delegates had picked out a variety of different workshops and stepped out of their comfort zone to seek and learn a new skill - tie dye, tapestry, block printing, mandala, etc.



After a quick pit stop back at their dorms the delegates got ready to attend a true Indian style mela! They started with their service activities by helping destitute children. They played a variety of games with the children that brought joy not only to them, but also to all the delegates who enjoyed this heart-warming experience. Furthermore, all the delegates enjoyed the food and festivities at the Indian Mela (carnival) and went on to burn up the dance floor! This activity-packed day ended on a humorous note watching a quick-witted, stand-up comedy show, the perfect end to the tiresome day.



Day 3- A magical trip to Mandu! The quote, “One of the best feelings is exploring a brand-new place you’ve never been to before,’ was an experience lived by the delegates on the third day of their conference as they embarked on the trip to Mandu - also known as Mandava or Mandogarh, the ruined city. They explored the wonders of Baaz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati Mahal. They witnessed the river Narmada and the abodes of the Malwa region and were amazed by the architecture of the palaces at Mandu - simple, massive yet intricate in its structure. Post a delectable lunch, they attended a traditional Malwi and tribal dance and song. The delegates then visited the much-awaited Dino Park! After exploring the magnificent structures at the Dino Park, the delegates got ready for the departure back to their dorm – their new home at Daly



Day 4- Exploring the Unseen! - Feeling energetic for a new day, the delegates commenced day four with a positive attitude as they attended the leadership lessons from the Bhagwad Gita, and the Ramayana shared by a Daly student - Avi Sharma, who helped them believe in the power of scriptures. This session was incredibly motivational as the delegates listened to someone their own age and were therefore moved by his wise words shared from his past experiences as a school student. The baraza session that followed enabled delegates to express their creativity as they created posters for the Civic walk! Put under a time crunch everyone had to find quick, easy, and colourful designs for their poster which tested their quick thinking, time management, and skills of creativity


Reflection Video:



Next up, the delegates broadened their mindset for a thrilling experience of adventure with activities such as zip-lining, rock climbing, land roller, friendship ladder and target jump, which helped the delegates overcome their fear as they went out of their way to try something new, outside their comfort zone.



The second round of the visual art workshops continued as the delegates had to work quickly to complete their masterpieces! The second half of the day was enjoyable as all the delegates took to stage to present the cultural performances. Every performance depicted the depth of culture and tradition as they discovered the talents of their newly made friends over the last 3 days.


The day ended with a lavish dinner at the bungalow of the School Principal. The delegates were excited as they dressed up as a political leader or as a leader who had inspired them. The conversations at dinner were great learning experiences as delegates listened to great inspirational stories of leaders chosen by other delegates!


Day 5- Goodbye Daly College, Indore



The morning started with a Civic walk where the delegates marched to the residency Kothi, with a presentation of the pledge to the Commissioner of Indore.


“We, the environmentally and socially conscious children of the world, do solemnly pledge to uphold the democratic values of our nations and empower, encourage, and uplift others. The energy, faith, and devotion which we bring to this endeavour will strengthen world peace and embrace diversity for us to grow to be global citizens.”


Back at the Daly campus the Round Square Conference - ‘Baaltantra - We the children of the world’, was concluded with the reflections shared by the students representing their baraza groups. The Closing Ceremony marked the end of the magic of the five-day conference. Then, forced to bid their heartfelt goodbyes, the delegates did not bid “goodbyes” rather “meet you again”, to all their new friends at Daly College, and other schools all around the world. They left the Daly campus with their phone galleries filled with memories of these five spectacular days, experiences that would last them a lifetime.


Our Reflections:


This conference is one that I will never forget - wonderful planning, ever-generous people and an understanding of RS IDEALS that were just words to me before. this conference, is one, that I will cherish for life.   - Aahana Bothra


Attending this conference has been a fantastic opportunity to experiencing a well-rounded adventure. Despite Indore being my hometown, this conference provided me with an experience I will treasure for years to come. - Anvi Kalothia


This conference was an amazing, extremely enriching experience with diverse participants, representing a range of cultures. This diversity created a uniqueness that exposed me to new ways of thinking as I learned to appreciate different perspectives. - Arishka Betadpur


I learned about democracy, made many incredible memories, and amazing friends. It was a splendid 5-day experience that I will always remember! - Atharv Agarwal


This was an incredibly enriching, interactive experience that broadened my perspective and allowed me to connect with like – minded individuals from around the world.   - Ayanna Vazirani


Through this conference, I got the opportunity to learn and explore the various IDEALS of Round Square. The varied interactions have allowed me to forge new friendships and create new memories, that will last with me forever.  - Gauri Bansal


This conference was wonderfully planned, and I learnt a lot more on various aspects of democracy as well as the other IDEALS of round square. - Jai Sachdeva


This has been a truly inspiring and new experience for me. It was interactive, as well as informative! - Navya Shaha


I gained a lot of knowledge and experience as I learned about democracy through the barazas and other activities. Making unforgettable memories and so many friends, I cherished every moment of this conference. - Sanaya Chadha


I learnt so much and made so many new friends as well as bonded with my own school peers. It was an amazing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life! - Siddhant Mehendele


This conference has been a big learning opportunity for me, not only about the theme of Democracy, but also about other cultures of other places. Overall, it was a fun experience. - Siddharth Reuben


It has been an incredibly enriching experience for me as I had the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with other delegates. The event provided a platform for me to broaden my understanding on Democracy and I can honestly say that I cherished every single moment of this unforgettable experience. - Suhaani Lohia