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Round Square
Round Square Conference
Genesis Global School, Noida
"Together Towards Tomorrow" - Dates: 28th May to 31st May 2017

Genesis Global School hosted the recently held Round Square conference. The school is situated on a sprawling complex in Noida. The theme for this round square conference was “Together Towards Tomorrow”.

The group of eight delegates was super excited about the enriching journey that they were about to embark on. We knew there were ample friends to be made from the fifteen other schools that participated in the conference. So armed with all the items required for the various activities mentioned in the itinerary, the enthusiastic took to the skies well on time! The conferences provide ample avenues for the delegates to brainstorm on some important questions relevant to the present and future generations:

What are the future goals of sustainability?

How can we have inclusion and ensure sustainability?

What are the major challenges that we face today?

How does the aggressive revival of nationalism affect “coming together?

As soon as we arrived we were briefed on the on- going activity - the mock dinner. The delegates were unaware that they would be randomly put into separate groups - higher, middle and lower class. We were all served different meal depending on which class we sorted into. The ensuing protests, arguments and fights for basic rights were eye opening lessons on class discrimination and empathy.

The Baraza sessions discussed rising issues like inequality between genders and classes. The thought provoking Baraza sessions on service and democracy led to some serious debates and discussions on inclusion of the underprivileged and ways to implement indirect service. The Baraza leaders made sure that there was a balance of games, video clippings, songs and interactive discussions through the Baraza sessions


The days began at 5:00 for the service activity and the first half of the day was spent in government schools where the delegates cleared garbage from the field, painted classrooms and made posters related to school subjects, in order to make learning more interactive for the children. The service sessions would certainly bring delightful smiles on the faces of the little children when they return to school – the colourful pictures brightening up the walls! The keynote speakers, inspired the delegates to think about the future and the role they play in making sure of a secure and safe future.


As part of the adventure activity the delegates took part in an incredible treasure hunt which was spread across the humongous campus of Genesis Global School. This was one of the best moments of the entire conference and was definitely among the most fun as well.


At the end of the day the delegates reflected on the day’s events and how even simple things bring people together and how ambitious goals can be achieved by uniting and forming a common goal. Through various activities the students learnt the importance of working together and collaboration. Meeting different people from all over the country was a really great experience for the delegates.




Akash Doshi: Personally the conference helped me open up and be less self-conscious. I learnt and did make friends of all ages. I also learnt that we should help those who are less fortunate than us by contributing as much as we can, as little as it may seem. TOGETHER TOWARDS TOMORROW!


Kahaan Jain: Sustainable development starts with self and goes beyond complicated economic jargons. Small steps in everyday life, inclusion and indirect service are the little steps that I can take towards a brighter tomorrow.


Sia Harsingani: This conference was one of the rare experiences where no matter what, I was always excited, and always happy and I enjoyed it every moment, to the fullest. The new friends I had made and the experiences here with my friends, both old and new, are simply unforgettable. They will stay with me forever. This conference is always going to be looked back upon with happiness and the memories will always be cherished.


Jahnvi Shah: Excited but nervous – that’s how I set out on my journey, but I came back a confident, motivated and empowered girl raring to make my little contributions towards a tomorrow of togetherness!


Viswaroop Chhabria: It is always nice to lend a helping hand take up tasks in to our own hands and help other people.


Parvati Sreeraman: If I had to sum up the conference in one word it would be- “wow”. Well, having gotten the opportunity to be a part of the conference itself was a lot of responsibly not only on my shoulders but also on the other 7 students who came along with me. This conference not only built my interacting skills but also exposed me to some of the various people from different parts of India and their lifestyle. The conference was organized for a good cause and I thing I will like to do the same for out school and India. Just like droplets of water make an ocean, our tiny efforts can help for a better future and am sure we can all contribute towards a better tomorrow.


Suhani Mehrortra: This conference was a wonderful experience and I would love to go back again. The adventure activities also taught us the importance of togetherness and teamwork. Meeting different people from all over the country was a really great experience.


Rajjoyi Sarkar: Truly an enriching experience! I am now determined to influence those around me to make little changes in their lifestyles, be conscious and responsible to leave a better tomorrow for the future generations! Not as hard as it seems!