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Round Square
Round Square Regional Conference New Delhi 2019
The British School – Theme: “Transform your future” - 11 to 14 September, 2019

The enriching Round Square Conference at The British School, New Delhi; truly exceeded the students’ expectations! The delegates were welcomed by students of TBS and the enticing Delhi ‘Dholaks’ which set the tone for the Conference and served as an ice breaker. Not only was this an educational experience but it was also very fulfilling and socially enriching.



The theme of the Conference, “Transform your future”- reflected upon the sustainability development goals of the United Nations and taught the delegates how they as individuals, could contribute to these goals.


Day 1:


At the opening ceremony on 12th September, followed by an array of performances by the students of the host school, keynote speaker, an actor, biker, pilot and entrepreneur, Ms.Gul Panag, conducted an in-depth exploration and analysis on the theme of the Conference, providing delegates with some inspiring anecdotes experienced through her enthralling journey.



This was followed by a panel discussion conducted by four extremely successful parents of the host school. The main highlight of the panel was the panelist’s touching remark “The only way to truly know the standard of a school is by gauging whether I would send my child there or not”. Followed by the keynote speakers, the Barraza sessions were held wherein students were divided into groups such as; Dance, Drama, Short Film, Science, Music and Art. Each baraza focused on a specific SDG- Sustainable Development Goal and expressed their emotions through these forms.



For example, the Art baraza focused on life underwater and created posters and logos for promoting underwater life preservation with the assistance of the graphic designer, Ms. Neha Mehra. The day was topped off with a walk to the famous Humayun Tomb. Here, students were educated about the Mughal and Hindu architecture and a small recap of the Indian Mughal history.


The delegates started their next day with a visit to the ‘Amar Jyoti Charitable trust’ NGO, that has been rendering rehabilitative services to persons with disabilities through a holistic approach of inclusive education, medical care, vocational training, child guidance and self-employment. It also provided them with material to sell in the local market and generate funds. The delegates were inspired by the resilient young minds; their determination to not let their disabilities be obstacles to their dreams.


Followed by this enriching experience, the day was concluded by an invigorating treasure hunt, through which the delegates explored The British School, as well as a Gala night enveloped with music, dance, colours and a room full of smiling faces from all around India.



The closing ceremony the following day was a perfect summary of the conference. Students from each Baraza presented their plan of action through music, dance, mimes, art, films and scientific intervention. The most interesting solution was presented by the Science group who cultivated substitutes to daily use products from the waste of rice cultivation.


The conference ended with hard goodbyes and hopeful promises to keep in touch. Not only did this conference leave the delegates of Dhirubhai Ambani International School with a bundle full of memories but also educated them about the possible solutions to attain the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


The delegates returned to Mumbai with an inspiring quote by their keynote speaker, Ms. Panag:



“Your sphere of influence can cause an impactful change towards the betterment of the world”.