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Round Square Student Committee

Round Square Student Committee

Student Representative Council (SRC)


The RS committee is formed democratically and consists of a group of elected students of the school. This body has an even representation from all sections of the school, namely Middle school, IGCSE and IB levels. It is headed by the Head Girl and Head Boy and consists of a committee under each pillar of RS. At DAIS, it is referred to as the Student Council.

The Constitution of the Council


The constitution of the council requires a Head Boy and Head Girl and 3 to 4 Co coordinators. This also includes the representation of the students through the school’s House system. The House Captains, Vice Captains and Support Captains help in the filtering of activities through the rest of the school.


The Function of the Council


The function of this student body is to coordinate and supervise regular activities under each pillar of the RS IDEALS. These activities are planned and executed with the help of the Council Body which meets every week.


Secondary and Primary Round Square Council


Every week a group of students meet for the RS core activities. They involve themselves in the in-depth understanding and planned activities of the RS IDEALS.

Pillar wise groups


Internationalism, Leadership and Democracy Pillar


Planned and Executed under several activities like MUN, International Exchange programmes, Student Council, DAIMUN, DAIS Leadership Series, TEDx Youth @DAIS


Service Pillar


Planned and Executed under CAS and Make a Difference activities which require service hours at the villages adopted by the school.


Environment Pillar


Nature Club and ‘Prakriti’ group ensure several activities to maintain environmental activities.


Adventure Pillar


Adventure activities are regularly conducted under the Duke of Edinburg practices