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It's a small world after all!

The Upper Kindergarten, which is currently working on the PYP theme ‘How we express ourselves’, is inquiring into ‘Celebrations across Cultures’. For this unit, they have integrated the performing arts, to explore how celebrations express diversity within the global community. Our little UKG learners presented an assembly showcasing their learning, to all the students of the Primary school.







The assembly provided the first platform for our young minds, boosting their confidence in public speaking and performance. This opportunity imbibed a feeling of team spirit in their nascent minds.


The programme was complete with narration, song, dance, and a ramp-walk. The two UKG sections performed dances to Indian and western music, taking the audience on a journey of varied cultures and celebrations. Some of the little students were dressed in interesting costumes for the Halloween parade.


The highlight of the show was when the children displayed their sense of oneness to the song ‘ It’s a small world after all’, spreading the message of international peace and inclusion of diversity.