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Nouveau Media Art Meet-2021

Nouveau Media Art Meet-2021

Nouveau Media Art Meet-2021 was an event co-hosted by the Welham Boys School and the Welham Boys School, Dehradun from 18th September to 2nd October 2021. The theme was “Moving Mirrors”- New Art in New Normal. 113 delegates from across 5 countries- India, South America, Bangladesh, Oman and Pakistan attended this event.

The event was kick started by creating a piece of art based on the theme using any medium of our choice. This compelled delegates to explore their thoughts on the theme of the conference and represent their interpretation of it. This was followed by key note speeches by Professor Aftab Gharda and Shudrabrata Sengupta, the Keynote Speakers, gave a insight into New Media Art. Delegates had an opportunity of interacting with them and enhance their understanding of the art form. The overall experience was very informative, and the most significant was the use of new technology to create the most impactful and meaningful art pieces like “Opus” and “Hollowgram”.

Next, delegates were divided into baraza groups where they had a few ice-breaking activities to encourage engagement and stimulate collaboration. They were further divided into sub-teams, and over the course of the next 2 days each team worked on a collaborative project revolving around the theme, “Moving Mirrors”, using digital art.

Once again the delegates had the opportunity to discuss and interact with renowned artists, art critics and art educators who provided an overall feedback on the work submitted. The most intriguing part for most delegates was the discussion on the definition of art. The delegates realised that there is not just one definition of art and any creative, interpretive, original work can be defined as art.

The delegates presented their art work in the Baraza sessions. It was astonishing to see the imagination, skill, and perspectives in each of the different interpretations of the theme. Collectively they witnessed incredible projects and interacted with extremely creative prospective artists. What was most striking was how each group had communicated with students across the globe, from different cultures, with various judgements to create a marvellous piece. Every artwork was a culmination of cohesive effort and diversity. The conference ended with Baraza groups presenting their reflection statements.

Overall Reflection:

Through our journey, we learnt to see the power of Art to usher a change for a better tomorrow. The conference stimulated greater creativity & imagination for each and every one of the participants. It inculcated finer aesthetic sensibility and we acquired knowledge on Post-modern Art and cultures of the world while exploring New Media Art.

Individual Reflections:
Sharav Jiwrajka: “It was a very insightful and engaging experience as I was exposed to an array of cultural artworks. I am grateful for my art teacher, Mr Puranik who helped us majorly in making our work. I am looking forward to more such experiences in the future.”

Aarna Sanghai:
The conference was an extremely insightful experience. Augmenting our creativity and knowledge on New Media Art, we got the opportunity to collaborate with students from across the globe. I really enjoyed the conference and hope to be a part of many more art round square events in the future.