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Riverdale Country School, New York

‘Democracy: The Power of Stories’ - Riverdale Country School, New York

The Round Square virtual conference ‘Democracy: The Power of Stories’, hosted by Riverdale Country School, New York, on 5th May, was attended by five DAIS students from grade 7. The theme of the conference –, aimed to explore how democracy is followed in different schools around the world.

The Conference started with the Host school sharing a PPT on how Democracy was followed at Riverdale Country School. Following this, the host school shared with the delegates the experience of their Storytelling Club, which used stories to discuss the problems faced around the world and brainstormed on proposing sustainable solutions to resolve world problems.

Next, the participating delegates shared their Pre tasks to highlight practice of Democracy in their respective schools. Everyone was invited to share their pre tasks. DAIS delegates shared their Pre task representing the Democracy as student voices at DAIS proudly.

This was followed by an inspiring keynote speech by Ms. Ophelia Watahomigie-Corliss, a member of the Havasupai Tribe who addressed the delegates online from her village located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

She shared with the students how she was working to bring broadband internet access to her people, without which, children were disadvantaged in their education and basic services like healthcare and security denied to the village.

In the breakout rooms delegates discussed on some questions related to the keynote speech.

The next keynote speaker, Ms. Antoinette Quarshie shared her experience of growing up in four different countries and her learnings from her experience of different places and cultures from South Africa to Afghanistan, and from Kenya, to Botswana, to her local Bronx and New York communities. Her personal experience of teaching students all around the world gave the delegates an insight into how education could be different in various parts of the world. In the succeeding breakout room, the delegates discussed different questions in relation to the keynote speakers’ stories.

Besides being a fun filled learning experience, the Conference enabled the delegates introspect the fact that they were far privileged compared to other children, their age, across the globe. Their school was just a few miles away from their homes in contrast to other students who needed to leave their country in pursuit of education. They appreciated the opportunities made available at DAIS that help them develop their overall personalities. The participation in this Conference provided a unique opportunity for the delegates to learn about diverse students, cultures, and perspectives, thus reinforcing the Round Square IDEALS.

DAIS Student Delegates:

Atharv Agarwal, Riaan Mehta, Rishab Tiwari, Jai Sachdeva and Devaryaa Makhijaa

DAIS Adult Delegate:

Ms. Sunita Nath