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Zooming off with STEM

As part of the DAIS curriculum, learners of Class 1 explored their E.V.S unit of Transportation using the STEM approach.



The aim of the lesson was to connect their academic concepts with real-world learning. Our ever eager batch came together to team up in order to build a road while applying science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Here’s a glimpse of their ‘little big’ success.



The connections for each component of this plan were elicited from the learners during the mini-lesson.


Science: Gravity- The car will move easily down a slope.
Movement- The car moves when the tyres turn
Recycling- Used cartons and toilet paper rolls were used for the project


Technology: Recording- The brief documentation or the jobs and roles allotted to the team members, of each team were typed and printed by the learner, whose job was that of a recorder.


(Under the supervision of the teacher)


Engineering: Building the road- The road was designed and built using recycled materials, like used cartons and toilet paper rolls.



Mathematics: Measurement - The distance travelled by the car was measured
- The length and height of the road from the base
- The time taken by the car from starting point, to the point it stops moving


Reflection: The learners were provided with an option to work with ‘unuse’ material or to recycle used ones. Every team chose to recyle!