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DAIS Resonates with ‘The Sound of Music’

DAIS was alive to ‘The Sound of Music’! There was an excited buzz in the school auditorium, as in walked the von Trap Family singers.



The school organized a music workshop and an interaction between the cast and singers of the Broadway musical show ‘The Sound of Music’ and our learners of Classes I to VI. The goal of this workshop was to broaden our students’ cultural relevance, by exposing them to different genres of music and to inspire their creative spirits.



The session began with a personal introduction of each cast member. Our students were amazed to hear that these young children had travelled long distances and hours, without their families, to put up daily shows at the NMACC for us Mumbaikars.



The workshop opened with some warm-up drills for all the children present and moved into a showcase of their incredible vocal talents. A choral recital of the famous ‘Doe a dear, a female deer……….’ Was led by Maria (character name) who explained the musical notes, pitch, and tone of the song. This flowed into the highlight of the afternoon; a collaborative performance between the Sound of Music singers and our very own school choir, which was a Hindi-cum-English version of the musical notes, that were sung in tandem. The output was an amazing amalgamation of the two languages, proving the close relationship between language and music. The lively and interactive atmosphere resonated with loud applause and cheering.



The stage then opened to a question-answer session. Our students put forth their wonderings, which were confidently answered by the young singers.



This was a memorable experience for our young students, providing them with joy, inspiration, and an appreciation for music. The event served as an inspiration to our students to embrace their own talent and creativity and pursue their passions.