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An Enriching Experience

An Enriching Experience

Friday morning, 23rd February, was truly a red letter day for the children of Class 3 A and 3 B. There was a surprise in store for the children, as they were to meet Zuni Chopra, an IB Year 11 student of our school. Zuni is a young author and poet who has written and published three books.



It was a very enjoyable session, with Zuni answering all the questions that were put to her. She shared anecdotes related to her experience of writing, with self –deprecating humour, which was endearing. She also responded to queries on her favourite authors and the books that were most dear to her.


Zuni also shared tips and strategies on how to expand sentences and build stories. The children listened in rapt attention to Zuni. It was definitely an invigorating morning, the memory of which the children and the teachers present will cherish for a long time.



Meeting an author and poet and hearing her convey the passion, can vitally motivate a child’s love for books and ignite a life-long love of reading and writing. In our endeavor to emphasize how inspiring it is for our children to meet writers and be able to talk to them, this opportunity to interact with Zuni was an enriching one.