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Our Community Helpers

The LKG classes at DAIS have been learning about our community helpers and as a culmination of the Unit “How We Organise Ourselves”, the LKG classes welcomed some of our community helpers from our parent community.


A News Reporter, an Artist, a Weaver, an Environmentalist, and a Dentist visited and interacted with our little ones. To facilitate hands-on engagements and to get a real-world experience, we set up different learning stations around the classrooms. The learners participated in painting linen cloth to makes capes for themselves and turning into super learners at the Artists’ station. The students role played the newsroom team, to see how different jobs fit together to make a news broadcast. Flossing and removing plaque from the teeth was the highlight at the Dentists’ station. A game that encouraged the learners to be thinkers and motivated them to segregate and manage waste was played with the Environmentalist. Through this collaborative session, our learners understood how people in the community work together to help each other.