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Crazy about Critters

“A PET is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than it loves itself.”


‘Pet Appreciation Week’ at DAIS was a fun-filled and exciting week-long project for all. The objective behind this idea was to emphasize the importance of animals in our lives and for all to value their pets and appreciate how they enrich our lives each and every day. However, the challenge was to connect with each other’s pets on a virtual platform. But no challenge is too great for our kids!


During the week the students invited and introduced their pets to their peers, through the computer screen, and evoked sighs and remarks from each one. Some proud teacher pet-owners too virtually brought along their pets into the classroom. A variety of pets were presented; including turtles, tortoises, African scarlet parrot, fighter fish, cats, goldfish and of course dogs of several breeds. Each proud owner spoke about their pets’ likes and dislikes, their age, their food, their habits and pet peeves, etc. Some enthusiastic children even related the funniest thing their pets have ever done. Those who didn’t have pets, made do with stuffed toys.


Children were seen swaying to pet tunes, or engaged in clay modeling, creative writing, palm prints, cooking events, art and craft, story-telling and a host of other activities. Some academic concepts were integrated into the theme, in subjects like the Languages, Math, EVS, Social Studies, Yoga and PE.


We also used this platform to educate students on how to take care of their pets and sensitize them about animals and how they help us. This project also helped to create an awareness about love and care for other living things.


The ‘Pet Appreciation Week’ was a memorable week for all involved, pets included!