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The KG Pyjama Party

On Thursday 14th March 2019, a ‘Pyjama Party’ was organized for the Kindergarten classes. The LKG classes had a day filled with mystery, adventure and wonder; playing a memory game of matching their socks to make a pair and making beautiful dream-catchers, using sequins and glitter. They also shared their bedtime routines with their friends and discussed the importance of brushing their teeth before going to bed.



On the other hand, making ‘Sock-soft toys’ as their sleeping buddies, a comfy quilt for them, building tents from hula-hoops, and storytelling, were the main attractions for the UKG classes.



All the classrooms were turned into cosy bedrooms with mattresses, bed sheets, cushions and tranquil music. All the kindergarteners arrived in their pyjamas, carrying their favourite soft toy and a bedtime book, to participate in all the tasks with bursting enthusiasm.


The activities most enjoyed were the ‘cuddling with friends’, pillow fights and jumping on the bed!


The school snacks were novel too, because they were sandwiches made by the children themselves!


Last but not least, was the story session conducted by our head of library, Mr. Ivan Loste. The stories narrated were so magical that it made our tiny tots heavy-eyed and they forgot that it was already 1 o’ clock in the afternoon and time to go back home.



This day was a farewell to the class, which left our youngest learners brimming with excitement and an appetite to look forward to new experiences in the coming academic year.