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Rainforest in UKG B

Learning can be fun and interesting, when you are at DAIS. The students of UKG B believe that, and show us how it’s done!


The little UKG graders replicated the beauty of a rainforest in their classroom. They made their own individual rainforest biome and in the process learnt many fun facts and natural realities.



Making of the rainforests was a hands on activity, in collaboration with team members and peers. Every aspect of it was collected or made by the children themselves.


They began with making paper boxes, to display their creations. The different levels of the rainforest- emergent, canopy and understory, were recreated using twigs, paper and cotton balls. What the students especially enjoyed was the process of adding animals, like green anaconda, spider monkey, toucan, tarantula and jaguar to their rainforests. They made these with the help of play dough.



The process of assembling the rainforest was a fun task, involving knowledge and skill.