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Techathon-MAD Project

Techathon-MAD Project

Built along the lines of MIT 100K, ‘Techathon’ is an annual ‘hackathon’ for programming and computer science enthusiasts, young entrepreneurs, and students from across the country. The purpose of ‘Techathon’ is to make the digital revolution more inclusive and to improve access to technology, that helps bridge the digital divide: a feat to be accomplished by conducting computer literacy workshops and using revenue to buy laptops and computers for low-income schools.



Our project consisted of three major events - Ideathon, FireTalk, and a FIFA Gaming Tournament.


In Ideathon, students, worked with partner NGOs and then developed tech-based business proposals addressing social change; followed by an opportunity to gain funding and mentorship from our renowned judges. From the application of AI to conserve electricity in households, to building an entire platform for shared medical resources; the ideas of the participants exceeded the judges’ expectations at multiple levels.



In the FireTalk, we had interesting discussions about the future of the Indian tech-space and the role of tech-entrepreneurship with DAIS alumni and chief guests Pranav Marwah (Founding Partner, ThinQBate), Arjun Madhawan (Founding Partner, ThinQBate) and Abhinav Aggarwal (Founder, Fluid AI).


However, this year was just the beginning of a larger mission to make technology more accessible, and we only expect the project to improve in scale, size, and impact next year