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Robotics over the Years

Robotics Over the Years

An Overview of Robotics at DAIS: The school robotics programme aims to facilitate STEM learning for all age groups, and equip them with valuable 21st Century technical skills. A practical and experiential-driven learning process allows students to engage with a variety of technology and develop a genuine understanding and interest in the subject. The program follows a progressive structure, wherein students go from using lego-based robots in primary and secondary classes, to building industrial-size robots in FRC, in higher classes. At each step, they are introduced to concepts of programming, circuitry, mechanisms, etc. and are encouraged to apply these skills in various projects and real-world situations.


Primary Years:


The primary-school robotics co-curricular activity at DAIS focuses not only on developing an aptitude for engineering but also on developing a love for technology. Safety is at the heart of our program, and by using lego-based robots, we ensure that students focus on developing their logic, intuition and problem-solving skills in a safe manner. In 2 batches (Grades 1-2 and Grades 3-5) students are introduced to fundamental programming concepts and basic mechanisms, which provides a foundation for them to delve deeper into robotics in the future.



Middle Years:

DAIS offers robotics as one of the many co-curricular activities present in school. In middle school (grades 6-8), we help the students that select robotics by teaching them how to build robots using the LEGO Mindstorms set and even how to code them to perform specific functions as they go further. This extracurricular not only helps students develop their creativity and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way but also prepares them for the World Robotics Olympiad that we encourage our students to participate in. In the past, teams participating on behalf of our school have met with great success reaching the international stage on several occasions and we hope that our future students follow the same footsteps.



“Participating in events like the World Robot Olympiad has let me foster a passion and interest that I was able to carry on further and take up a notch by participating in more advanced programs such as FTC and FRC offered by the students while always enjoying what I do.” - Rishi Sankhe.



The FIRST Tech Challenge is an internationally recognised program that challenges students to work in a team of 15 members or less to operate robots and experience the excitement of sport with the rigours of STEM. FTC is also a stepping stone to introducing students to the world of FIRST and preparing them for its higher level of competitions like FRC. FTC allows students to acquire technical skills like design thinking, electronics, programming and structural mechanics. In addition to technical skills, students are given the chance to learn and apply a variety of life skills like project management, communication, team spirit, leadership skills, resilience, and much more.


“Overall, FTC was a really exciting and phenomenal experience for me. I learned about leadership, cooperation and gracious professionalism, whilst also having fun meeting new teams. Participating in FTC has taught me how to stay collected under pressure even in stressful situations.” - Rhea Shah, Member of FTC Team Matrix 2021-22.




The pinnacle of the robotics program at DAIS is our high-school robotics team, team Elev8, which participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Students experience real-world engineering by designing, fabricating, building and programming industrial-size robots. They work with professional mentors to learn not only technical skills but also administration, marketing and fundraising ones. Students promote STEM in their community through numerous outreach initiatives working to build a thriving STEM community. Thus, they explore science, technology, business and outreach through competitive robotics.


“For me, robotics has been a journey of growth and a huge learning in leadership. Through my six years in FIRST programs, I have grown from a shy and unsure girl to an innovator, mentor, and leader who is confident in her capabilities.” - Aarna Sanghai, Team Elev8, Dean’s List Finalist Award Winner 2022.




Website: https://team7539.com


Instagram: https://instagram.com/7539teamelev8


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/team7539/


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsyFy_yFugPpYI08NQgjQnw


Robotics at DAIS: Through teamwork and inclusion, students of robotics at DAIS learn to apply knowledge and skills obtained through academic subjects in practical scenarios and to solve real-life problems. Robotics at DAIS is a celebration of learning through discovery and innovation, and it culminates in the development of internationally-minded students who strive to create a better and more sustainable world.


“Robotics isn’t just about making robots; we learn lessons that will guide us through life and make memories we will cherish forever.” - Arnav Shah


“Participating in robotics has been a life-changing experience that has opened up numerous career possibilities for me!” - Yash Muthalia


“Having been taking part in robotics competitions for 5 years, I have been able to develop into a confident speaker, leader, mentor and innovator.” - Keshav Mohta


“After taking part in robotics programmes at DAIS for 2 years, I have become a much more confident and inspired individual.” - Viraj Agarwal


“FRC allowed me to develop new interests, and expand my horizons” - Shreya Ranganathan


“Through the robotics programme at DAIS, I’ve developed a love for technology and gotten a chance to share it with several like-minded people.” - Ninad Atale


“FRC gave me the opportunity to advance my love of creating small projects by enabling me to work on robots at a massive scale with a talented team.” - Mahir Shah