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When the time came to design the logo of the conference, we fixated on the idea of the endless possibilities and opportunities lying outside of one’s comfort zone.

Endless brainstorming followed, and an array of designs and concepts were created and considered. The design team worked for hours to create a symbol that would truly embody the theme of the conference. Ideas became rough sketches and bit by bit, the logo began to take shape.

The infinity sign, as we all know, symbolizes limitless possibilities and virtually never-ending opportunities. However, not wanting to capitalize on a cliché, we thought of what else it might signify. Briefly, an image of a finish line ribbon in the shape of the infinity sign was considered to portray milestones, but the symbol didn’t quite seem to fully convey the spirit of the conference. We then thought to use a multicolored infinity symbol to portray the vibrancy and undeniable energy of a team whose individual members represent different backgrounds, ideas and points of view, as they work in harmony to uplift one another.