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End of Year Celebration

School is almost out! It’s the end of the school year-15th March, 2019. The last day cements the experience of the year, and brings back positive memories of the year gone by. The children have mixed feelings- as they reflect back on the year, as well as think ahead of the future.


Keeping all these feelings in mind, the teachers of the Primary section planned a day of fun and entertainment, for and by the students. The morning session began with ‘Tell-a-Tale’ by the students of Classes 1 and 2. Each child came dressed up as their favourite book character and spoke a few lines about the character. There was Harry Potter, Iron Man, Superman, Peter Pan, Captain Underpants and a host of other look-alikes. Everyone was transported into a wonderland of literature and books.


The second session opened to performances by Class 3 and Class 4. Each play had a message for the children. Class 3 enacted the value of Friendship through a story in the jungle. ‘It is better to have a few true friends; than have a score of fake friends’, the play conveyed to all. The songs and dances were mesmerizing and drove the message home.



Class 3 and 4 performances Photo Gallery


Tell-a-Tale Photo Gallery


The performance by Class 4 brought out that ‘kindness is the key to happiness’. The lights and sound, dance and music, enthralled the young spectators, as they watched-spellbound.


The final performance was a tribute to Class 4 by the students of Class 2. Through a narration and enactment, Class 2 relived the journey of the students of Class 4, from the LKG to the senior-most class of the primary. It depicted an emotional and nostalgic journey and the students of Class 4 were speechless and teary-eyed, yet full of gratitude for their juniors. The session was wrapped up by bidding Class 4 a farewell and best wishes for future successes. Like all good thing, this day too ended!