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Ocean Yoga for KG Classes

On 20th February, 2020, Ms Sabrina Merchant, author and ‘Kids Yoga Therapist’, made a visit to the school and enriched our KG students with hand-on experiences in yoga, combined with a story-telling session. The title of the book was ‘Ocean Yoga’, which wove a tale, deep in the ocean waters.


The students enjoyed the experience of movement, as they imitated different oceanic life forms, such as crabs, dolphins and clown fish, in different yoga poses. The session was conducted in the outdoors, combining movement, storytelling, visuals and humour. This holistic approach to yoga and lifestyle, was an enjoyable and fun event for the children, as they interacted with one another and felt a sense of accomplishment- of achieving something due to their efforts and their engagement. The session tapped on three dimensions, when combined do increase the children’s self-esteem, while also fostering a love of reading, of learning and of discovering.